Carolina Rodriguez


Carolina was born in New Jersey, but her roots reach back to the Dominican Republic. Moving from New Jersey to Southern California recently was one of her hardest decisions as her mom is her best friend. She has one younger sister whom she enjoys to keep in touch with via social media. From a young age, Carolina was very savvy with technology. She would take apart her computer and put it back together, just to see what was inside. Whenever a new technological device comes out, she is interested in seeing what new capabilities they hold.

Carolina’s favorite color is pink and her favorite food, to eat and to cook, is lasagna. She enjoys cooking for her friends and family and getting feedback to improve her recipes. A perfectionist, Carolina prefers things done flawlessly. She lives with her beloved 4 lb Teacup Maltese, Ruby, whom she has no problem spoiling.

She obtained her Associate’s Degree in Science and looks forward to continuing her education to someday work in Medical Administration. Taking pictures of the California scenery, going to the beach, hosting bonfires with friends, and redecorating her home are things that take up her free time. Carolina is also a lover of reading and would prefer to read a book than to watch a movie any day.